As a global company, Berium Group is focused on reaching far corners of the world by providing significant range of essential commodities needed by industries and people.

As a Principal Trading Company, Berium Group puts sufficient emphasis on provision of highest quality products. We supply a wide array of commodities and full line of services tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs coupled with complementary financing, risk management and logistics solutions specifically designed to meet even the most challenging needs for our partners and clients.

Berium Group is always interested to create structured, beneficial working relationship with established counterparties who are seasoned, well connected and operate within professional framework. Berium Group is currently seeking to appoint qualified commercial agents from all over the world.

As a prospective Berium Group Agent (BGA), you will be well connected with considerable customers and/or producers in your network, and will work with Berium Group as our introducing agent. You will demonstrate appreciable level of experience and understanding in our relevant commodities portfolio(s). This can be immensely remunerative and profitable as you will be paid directly on the turnover sold. Qualified agents representing us will be able to generate and secure successful trade leads with national, regional and other independent counterparties.

We are flexible to work with agents within all our business segments. We offer a decent reward depending on the actual value and opportunity created by our agents. Successful Berium Group’s agents will also benefit from our highest level of responsiveness, business ethics and professionalism.

We appreciate your interest in becoming our agent and look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Please contact us by filling the form below or directly send us an email with your full details.