Agricultural Commodities

Our approach entails consolidating cumulative quantities of cocoa from individual and grouped farmer cooperatives into shipments for export market. We focus to continually expand our export threshold by seeking new solid opportunities to partner with large scale global clients and partners.

Berium Group has a devised sustainable cocoa supply chain to benefit both the farmer and the end users or other third party partners.

We have established reliable origination capabilities for stable global supply of well fermented & properly dried cocoa beans from the principal cocoa producing countries in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia.

The vision for Berium  is to help smallholder  farmers get fair price out of their products by firmly opening up a way for them to reach the global market. To achieve this, quality and sustainability are key factors: our approach is to engage smallholder farmers’ cooperatives and closely monitor their operations to ensure that responsibility, ethical standards and quality checks and balances are solidly upheld.

We will keenly follow up the entire process of preparation and procurement of cocoa to ensure that it is free from any element of child labor or kinds of forced labor. We commit to fair trade throughout our engagements with the farmers and also adhere to sustainable and responsible sourcing practices.

Our goal is to establish and expand long term contracting facility with farmers as a way of value addition and mitigation of their risk exposure.