Agricultural Commodities

Berium Group steers to redefine the traditional coffee industry by taking a fore front role as a world class coffee supplier.

As a leading global coffee supplier,our focus is in the mainstream botanical varieties of Arabica & Robusta species providing a full spectrum of types and grades sourced meticulously from the world’s major growing regions. Berium Group offers unique value proposition in the marketplace through diversification and scalability. Our diversified offering in terms of quality and sourcing regions provides higher flexibility necessary to optimize favorable pricing opportunities across the global market at different times throughout the year.

Robusta species is mostly cultivated at lower altitudes while Arabica species is cultivated at higher altitudes and often on volcanic soils. About 100 to 115 million bags (6 to 7 million metric tons) are produced annually worldwide.

Our specialty is in procurement of top quality green coffee from strategic principal sources across the world (majorly Africa, South East Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America) and direct exportation to roasters mainly in high growth and emerging markets. We aim to pass cost saving to clients based on economies of scale.