Classes of Barley

Two-row barley has a lower protein level than six-row barley, hence more fermentable sugar content. High-protein barley is best suited for animal feed. Malting barley is usually lower protein

Hulless barley:

Hulless barleys are a type of barley in which the outer hull is loosely adhered to the kernel. The outer hull is so loose, that when this barley is harvested in the field, the outer hull is usually removed. It is some times referred to by processors as ‘naked’ barley.

Covered barley:

Covered barley refers to barley variety with the outer hull still attached after harvesting. Covered barleys may be two-row or six row.

Two-row barley:

A head of two-row barley contains two rows of kernels along the length.

Six-row barley:

A head of six row barley contains six rows of kernels along its length, in two groups of three kernels each.