Specifications for Barley

Berium places greater care and management on the quality of delivered barley. We provide some of the most diligently sourced malting barley which meets the highest quality requirements by maltsters and brewers. The following are some of the special features of malting barley provided by Berium:

  • Fully mature, pure barley with wide range of acceptable varieties
  • Protein content range of 11% to 12.5% (dry basis)
  • Plump kernels of uniform size
  • Moisture contentment of 13.5% maximum
  • Germination of 95% or higher (three day test)
  • Free of DON (deoxynivalenol) mycotoxin caused by fusarium head blight
  • Free from disease
  • Free from heat damage and chemical residues
  • Less than 5% peeled and broken kernels
  • Free of insects, treated seeds, admixtures, smut and odor
  • Free from frost damage