Pulses Shipments

We are mainly focused to continuity and long term supply partnership. We provide maximum flexibility in terms of delivery schedules; adequately meeting varied needs of clients. For small consignment of pulses, we provide containerized shipment while large quantities are delivered through dedicated bulk vessels.

This is made possible through Berium Shipping, fully specialized in vessel chartering for small, medium and large bulk grain carrying vessels. By utilizing an end to end global logistics interface, Berium is able to serve different customer needs simultaneously while at the same time delivering exception service that is reliable and cost effective.

Through our unique value proposition, we offer supply of pulses to clients from all over the world, primarily concentrating our product offering in Asia Pacific, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East region.

If you would like to make request for pulses, please send us your full details and requirements including maximum tonnage and destination to: agri@beriumgroup.com