Rice Suppliers

As one of the leading rice suppliers; our business is anchored on comprehensive, in-depth global market intelligence and invaluable insight across the worldwide rice value chain.

Rice is among the most widely distributed staple foods in the world, making up a significant portion of global farm land of about 160 million hectares of land. Global paddy rice production is about 700 million tons, equivalent to about 470 million tons once the rice is milled. From the 470 million tons of milled rice, most is consumed in domestic producing countries; only about 39 million tons is traded worldwide.

The importance of rice is largely attributed to its highest extraction compared to other cereals- when considering the fraction of each rice grain used as food, rice produces more energy per hectare than any other cereal.

Berium is involved in global rice supply of a wide spectrum of rice varieties and grades; strategically sourced from low cost multi-origin countries and delivering to clients worldwide. Berium sources rice from the leading rice producing countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Cambodia, Egypt and Myanmar among others.

Our strength lies in efficiency and promptness of services as well as in effectiveness of transportation facilities whereby customers worldwide are assured of complete reliability.

We look forward to hearing from all serious Rice Buyers who are looking for Rice Sellers and Rice Suppliers to finalize real import purchases smoothly and promptly.

We welcome brokers who introduce end buyers and step aside, and wait for finalization and shipments and commission payments.