Our Rice Products

Our main rice portfolio includes:

Parboiled rice – Rice which has been steamed and vacuum died before being de- hulled, infusing the nutrients from the hull into the rice and reducing its cooking time;

Brown rice – Rice which has had the outer husk removed through the milling process but the inner hull is left intact giving the rice brown appearance, higher nutrient and fiber content compared to the white rice;

White rice (full range from long, medium to short white rice) – Rice which has had the inner and outer hulls removed along with endosperm and then polished;

Aromatic rice – Primarily Jasmine rice from Thailand and Basmati from Pakistan and India;

Glutinous rice (Pear rice) – Rice which has amylopectin polysaccharide that gives it distinct sticky texture.

We offer end-to-end supply chain solution to clients; selectively sourcing rice from various countries based on intelligent cost benefit analysis, risk management, shipping and delivering to end users world wide.