Palm Oil Suppliers

Agricultural Commodities

Berium provides palm oil that meets the highest quality requirements and specifications. Our palm oil trading activities incorporates a selectively sourced variety from RSPO certified producer partners from over sixteen (16) different principal countries.

Palm oil is a saturated fat and contains a high amount of beta-carotene: a healthier choice of edible oil. Palmitic acid (44% – 45%) and oleic acid (39% – 40%) are the main component acids with linoleic acid (10% – 11%) and only a trace amount of lonolenic acid. Due to its high oxidative stability, palm oil is increasingly becoming more popular in commercial food sector.

We adhere to strict code of sustainable business operation and particularly procure palm oil from traceable sources free from any act of habitat degradation and indigenous rights abuses.

Berium offers our producer partners reliably fair value for their products by availing them an opportunity to bring their palm oil to the global market. We use all means necessary to ensure that these products reach the market efficiently for the benefit of both our producer partners and global clients.