Brown Sugar (ICUMSA 600-1200), White Refined Sugar (ICUMSA 45)

Agricultural Commodities

Berium Group supplies bulk brown sugar and white refined sugar across the world with the best quality and bulk quantity.

We deliver both ICUMSA 45 white sugar and ICUMSA 600-1200 brown sugar with best quality and bulk quantity throughout the world; efficiently and competitively.

To maximize efficiency across the global sugar value chain, Berium Group focuses on active participation across the entire value chain – starting from the very first point: in the green fields, providing crop nutrition products (fertilizers) to sugarcane and sugar beet farmers; at the factory level, working closely with sugarcane milling industries by integrating financial & risk management and offering firm market for their sugar products; then consolidating raw sugar into bulk cargos which are then shipped directly to sugar refineries and finally lifting processed sugar from the refineries and delivering directly to end users or third party clients across the world.

Polarization is what distinguishes raw from refined sugar, with polarity at 100 percent signifying pure refined sugar. Berium Group trades raw sugar according to various polarity specifications, based upon the specific needs of refining and processing facilities of our customers as well as refinery sugar production costs. We consider these factors to be able to tailor raw sugar supply solutions for our clients.