Berium Group focuses on delivery of white and brown sugar (ICUMSA 45 & ICUMSA 600-1200) in lots starting from 10,000 metric tonnes, 12,500 metric tonnes to 50,000 metric tonnes and more. In cases where demand of small volumes of white sugar needs to be satisfied, we are happy to supply the right sugar products in container loads.

We can regularly ship and deliver bulk raw sugar by chartered vessels in lots starting from 25,000 MT up to more than 60,000MT. Our fully dedicated shipping and logistics unit helps in facilitating competitive freight and managing the necessary logistics for seamless sugar shipments giving us the much needed flexibility to offer clients efficient service within the required turn around schedules.

Berium Group has extensive access to the world’s finest quality of both raw and white sugar. Our aggregate annual global origination and supply capacity is in excess of 1.7 million tonnes of sugar (bulk/bagged/containerized).