More information about Sugar

Sugarcane accounts for 80% of global sugar production and the remaining 20% is produced from sugar beet. While sugar cane is majorly grown in tropical and subtropical countries, sugar beet is largely grown in the colder temperate zones of the northern hemisphere. Cane sugar is the primary source of internationally traded sugar because sugar beets are grown and processed almost exclusively for internal domestic markets, and the most efficient sugar beet processing technologies result in one-step production for refined (white food grade standard) sugar.

Sugarcane is harvested and milled into raw sugar (non-food grade) to further refine at some later date or immediately refined into white (food grade) sugar. The annual world production of sugar in the year 2014 was about 180 million tonnes with vast majority of the produce being consumed in the countries of origin and about 28% (over 50 million tonnes) traded in the word market.

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