Ethanol Supply

We offer a full range of ethanol covering both fuel grade ethanol and non-fuel ethanol suitable for important industrial applications. Our services are customized to provide specialized solution to each client’s unique requirements.

Our portfolio entails a full range of industrial grade and fuel grade ethanol. We efficiently deliver premium quality of ethanol priced competitively.

We mainly provide Crude Ethanol, Denatured Ethanol and Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA); primarily delivered bulk in purpose built chemical tankers or 20,000 litres-25,000 litres ISO tanks. Smaller quantities are supplied in 250 litre plastic drums stuffed in 20ft containers.

Fuel grade ethanol supply by Berium Group is blended at destination with unleaded gasoline in different concentrations to enhance the fuel’s octane rating and help reduce harmful emissions to the environment. Ethanol provides Berium Group formidable ground to partner with oil refineries across the world. For example, in the U.S., almost 90% of gasoline contains 10% ethanol. As more and more oil refiners embrace usage of ethanol, this product is a key frontier for the Group to expand on its value proposition.

Our ethanol division is committed to deliver optimum value to the benefit of actual customers in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East; Asia Pacific region, including India, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia and others; South America, Europe, Australia and Africa.