Bulk Methanol

We are committed to advancing long term supply partnerships with actual methanol customers across the world. Our goal is to continue consolidation and expansion of our position as a leading global supplier of methanol to industrial customers and third party clients.

We plan to continually expand our bulk methanol supply capability by acquiring more opportunities in the downstream methanol derivatives. We will achieve this by increasing our methanol sales streams further via tolling agreements.

Through strategic tolling undertakings, for instance, manufacturers of methyl tertbutyl ether (MTBE), acetic acid or formaldehyde may find it more convenient to have Berium Group supply the raw materials (methanol, carbon dioxide etc) and also take receipt or the responsibility for purchase or commercialization, marketing and supply of the finished goods to the market.

Our main competitive advantage in the global methanol trade is rapid response within the required turn-around-time and flexibility in product offering; all combined with unrivalled customer support.