Sulfuric Acid

To effectively balance between global demand and supply of sulfuric acid, we leverage arbitrage on physical and opportunity costs. This helps clients to get premium quality at most competitive terms throughout the year.

Sulfuric acid is produced by a sequence of three simple reactions:

1. The combustion of sulfur to form sulfur dioxide:
S(s) +O2 (g) SO2 (g)
2. The conversion of sulfur dioxide to sulfur trioxide:
2SO2 (g) + O2 (g) 2SO3 (g)
3. The combustion of sulfur trioxide with water:
SO3 (g) + H2O (l) H2SO4 (aq)

Over 90% of sulfuric acid is produced commercially by the contact process. Because the gaseous sulfur trioxide reacts so violently with water, it is absorbed during the production process by a sulfuric acid rather than by pure water. The sulfur trioxide is added to a flowing solution of sulfuric acid to which water is constantly added to keep the concentration at 98%.

By working closely with our partners across the world, we deliver bulk sulfuric acid at the right time to the right place; reliably, efficiently and competitively. Our capacity to charter vessels on long term basis positions us well to offer clients for both sulfuric acid and phosphorous acid on large scale and long term regular supply.

We have annual supply capacity for 2 million MT. As part of our unique value proposition, we blend resilient global logistics and robust risk management mechanisms in our product offering to hedge our partners and clients’ exposure against price volatility; ensuring that optimum value is delivered.

Technical Details

If you would like to make any trade enquiries or to request MSDS & Product specification, please make an enquiry with our senior sales team via: Please remember to highlight the quantity of ammonia you are interested to procure from us enable us respond accordingly with the right delivery schedule.