Aromatic Derivatives

We offer high grade phenols primarily to the manufacturers of engineering plastics, mainly polyamide, polycarbonate and a wide range of phenolic and epoxy acids; producers of bulk pharmaceutical drugs and fine chemicals; surfactants and detergents among others.

Phenol is a crystalline, naturally volatile organic compound. It is also known as carbolic acid. Phenol is predominantly produced through the cumene process by oxidation of Isopropylbenzene (cumene). This process results in the production of acetone as well.

The major use for phenol is as a chemical intermediate in the production of bisphenol A, phenol-formaldehyde resins, caprolactam, alkylphenols, aniline and 2,6-xylenol. Bisphenol A is the largest industrial application of phenol, taking about 46% of its global consumption, followed by phenol-formaldehyde resins which accounts for about 27% of phenol consumption.

Phenol is also used widely in the pharmaceutical industry as an analgesic and as a precursor to a large collection of drugs, most notably aspirin. Other applications include herbicides and detergents.

Berium has the right partnership with varied producers and complementary logistics to ensure that all requirements for cumene from around the world are met efficiently and cost effectively.

We utilize in-depth global market insight to balance and move phenol from where it is produced in abundance or surplus to regions across the world where it is demanded most. We also use this intelligence to match exact needs of our clients in terms of phenol specification, delivery, pricing and financial terms.

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