We provide the right specifications of high purity butadiene competitively, in the required quantity and according to the turnaround schedule.

Butadiene is produced commercially by extractive distillation from crude butylenes concentration (C4) stream, a by product of ethylene and propylene production. It is mainly used in the production of synthetic rubbers. At atmospheric conditions, butadiene exists as a colourless gas, but it is liquefied either by cooling to -4.4o C or by compressing to 2.8 atmospheres at 25o C.

Copolymers prepared from the mixture of styrene and butadiene (SBR) is the most commonly used materials for production of synthetic rubber used in automobile tires. Polybutadiene elastomers (BR) are also produced from butadiene monomer where multiple molecules of butadiene are chemically linked to form large molecules or polymers. Most of BR is used is used to produce synthetic rubbers among other different important industrial applications.

Berium steadily aims to support industrial clients involved in the production of SBR and PBR with highest purity and quality butadiene monomer. We primarily focus on supporting clients from United States, Europe, China, South Korea, Japan, and Africa among other parts of the world. Through strong logistics interface and our collaboration with partners who offer complementary services, we provide our clients optimum supply solutions for butadiene.

For partnership, general trade enquiry, sales activity or if you would like to request MSDS for Butadiene, please make an enquiry with our senior sales team via: chemicals@beriumgroup.com Please remember to highlight the quantity you are interested in procuring from us to enable us respond accordingly with the right delivery schedule.