Berium Group offers optimal supply solutions for the required high grades for ethylene petrochemical to industrial clients across the world. We provide the right specifications of ethylene competitively, in the required quantity and according to the turnaround schedule

Berium Group has fully dedicated and highly specialized chemicals vessel chartering unit which will play a key role in safeguarding efficient logistics necessary to deliver ethylene monomer cargos worldwide. Ethylene is shipped in pressured and fully refrigerated gas vessels which are able to carry liquefied ethylene at its boiling point temperature of -104o C.

Ethylene is one of the most important petrochemicals and a key hydrocarbon used globally as a raw material for a wide range of industrial applications. Global annual production of this ethylene is about115 million tonnes.

Ethylene is mostly produced from naphtha feedstock because naphtha is easy to transport into regions of high ethylene demand. Ethane, gasoil, and butane are also used as feedstocks for ethylene. Ethane feedstock is commonly used in regions with associated natural gas production like the Middle East.

More than half of ethylene supplied and processed annually is used in polymerization to produce polyethylene (mostly known as polyethene) which is the world’s most widely used plastic. The other main consumption of ethylene includes its oxidation to produce ethylene oxide, a key feedstock in the production of surfactants and detergents.

Ethylene oxide is also hydrolyzed to produce ethylene glycol, widely used as automotive antifreeze. Conversion of ethylene to ethylbenzene yields the precursor to styrene.

Our objective is to support worldwide clients with reliable, efficient and cost effective supply of pure ethylene selectively sourced and delivered according to customers’ exacting requirements. We utilize our extensive sourcing capabilities combined with globally integrated shipping and logistics.

Through our logistics division, we are able to charter pressurized oceangoing gas and chemical carriers for seamless delivery of ethylene worldwide.

For partnership, general trade enquiry, sales activity or if you would like to request MSDS for Ethylene, please make an enquiry with our senior sales team via: Please remember to highlight your full details and the quantity you are interested in procuring from us to enable us respond accordingly with the right delivery schedule