Berium Group offers optimal supply solutions for the required high grades for propylene petrochemical to industrial clients across the world. We provide the right specifications of propylene competitively, according to the required quantity and turnaround schedule.

Propylene is produced mostly from steam crackers as a by product of oil refining and natural gas processing. During oil refining ethylene, propylene and other compounds are produced as a result of cracking larger hydrocarbons molecules to produce hydrocarbons more in demand.

About two thirds of propylene produced annually is used in the manufacture of polypropylene plastics, which is needed for the production of films and packaging as well a variety of other industrial applications.

Propylene is also a raw material for various versatile products including Propylene Oxide (PO). Propylene Oxide is used majorly for the production of polyether polyols, propylene glycols (PG) and propylene glycol ethers (PGE). Each of these three PO derivatives is used in the manufacture of a myriad of products used daily around the worldwide.

Polyols are used in manufacture of polyurethane plastics. Polyurethane is widely used today as raw material for adhesives, sealants, elastomers, cushioning material in automobile seats and furniture upholstery. About 60% to 70% of PO is used in manufacture of polyols.

Propylene glycol is used as a chemical feedstock for production of unsaturated polyester resins. Other applications for propylene glycol include use in various edible items and as solvent in various pharmaceuticals. Propylene glycol ethers are also widely used as solvents in paints and cleaners.

Through our global logistics and collaborative synergies with multiple producer partners, we assure clients of safe, reliable and secured regular supply of propylene worldwide.

Berium Group is committed to establishing long term formidable partnerships for regular supply of propylene. We have the necessary resources to source and supply propylene competitively, efficiently and reliably.

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