Polybutadiene Elastomers

Berium Group is involved in global marketing, trading and supply of a full range of polybutadiene elastomers; from high cis and low vinyl grade to low cis and high vinyl polybutadiene grades.

 Polybutadiene is one of the most important elastomers (elastic polymer) widely used as synthetic rubbers. After styrene-butadiene elastomers (SBR), polybutadiene elastomers (BR) are the most produced elastomers. Polybutadiene is produced by polymerization of butadiene using catalysts based on lithium or transition metals such as cobalt, nickel and neodymium. Vulcanized BR exhibits high resilience, low heat buildup, abrasion resistance and resistance to cut growth.

Most polybutadiene produced annually is used in the manufacture of tyres. Another important application of polybutadiene is use as an additive to improve the mechanical strength of plastics such as polystyrene and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

Due to its high electrical resistivity, polybutadiene is also used to coat or encapsulate electronic assemblies. Polybutadiene elastomers is incorporated with other materials to make various automotive and industrial products (conveyor belts, hoses, belts)

Low cis polybutadiene grade is suitable for use as an additive in plastics due to its low contents of gels. It mostly contains 36% cis, 54% trans and 10% vinyl.

High cis polybutadiene contains high proportion of cis (over 90%) and low proportion of vinyl (less than 4%). When manufactured using specific neodymium based catalysts, polybutadiene gains higher mechanical strength and a higher cis proportion of about 98% cis.

High vinyl polybutadiene is used in combination with high cis through a catalyst called alkyllithium to produce tyres.

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