Phosphate Rock

As the result of rapidly growing global demand for synthetic phosphate fertilizers, Berium Group is steadily committed to satiate the fertilizer manufacturers’ demand for reliable and consistent quality of phosphate rock together with sulfuric acid as the key feedstocks.

Rock phosphate is a mineral raw material used for the production of phosphate fertilizers and phosphoric acid. It is extracted from the mineral apatite, which is best suited for the production of fertilizers.

We strategically source various grades of rock phosphate from over 16 different principal countries and deliver in containers or vessels for higher volume consignments. Our origination approach is focused on delivering rock phosphate at rock bottom prices: this is caused by the intention to help our clients optimize their output while keeping procurement cost for feedstock at the minimum level possible.

As we leverage physical arbitrage and favorable trade flows from our principal source markets, we are able to secure long term supply of rock phosphate under flexible schedules.

Our full spectrum of rock phosphate grades spans from the standard quality grade with a phosphorus content of 27 – 28%, used in palm oil plantations, for example, all the way through to quality grades of more than 30%. The grade of the rock is usually indicated by a BPL number (BPL refers to bone phosphate lime).

Berium Group has one stop shop solution for diverse clients’ needs. We complement our deep domain of logistical expertise with unparallel customer service.

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