Berium Group provides potash as the major feedstock required in the manufacture of potassium fertilizers and offers competitive off-take for produced fertilizers. We mainly focus on regular supply of potash to clients in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the rest of the world.

World consumption of potash is largely driven by the demand for potassium based fertilizers taking up to 95% of annual potash production with the remaining 5% being used in other commercial and industrial applications like soap production. Global annual consumption of potash is above 50 million tons.

Due to the increasing human population, grain consumption (wheat, rice, corn, barley and sorghum) exhibits continuous annual growth. Furthermore, decreasing arable land per capita requires increasingly higher crop production to satiate the demand for grains. These factors keep the overall worldwide demand for potash on the rise.

Berium sources potash from over 10 of the top producing countries in the world; working closely with multiple producer partners. Our diversified potash offering in terms of quality and sourcing locations provides higher flexibility necessary to optimize favorable pricing opportunities across the global market at different times throughout the year.

We offer our clients optimal supply solution for potash so that they can focus on manufacturing quality potassium fertilizers needed to boost crop production. Potash is a major ingredient in NPK compound and specialty fertilizers and a primary raw material for MOP and SOP fertilizers. Through structured trades, Berium Group may provide potash raw material and offer to off-take manufactured fertilizer products as part of its commodity portfolio.

By combining physical arbitrage and effective global logistics, we offer clients from over 28 countries across the world efficient and competitive end to end supply solution for potash coupled with excellent customer service.