Berium Group offers reliable global supply for Molten and Solid Sulfur which is formed into specific shapes such as granules, prills, lumps, flakes, pellets and pastilles, as key feedstock for various industrial applications.

With the continuous implementation of safer environmental standards, oil cracking in the refineries produces sulfur as a byproduct. The production of sulfur is done through specialized de-sulfurization units to achieve low sulfur gasoline and diesel. Natural gas treatment is also one of the main sources of sulfur production.

Berium Group supplies sulfur in all its different forms. We focus to establish regular and long term sales of sulfur by delivering this product in the most sustainable manner possible. We know that handling sulfur can be hazardous at times, that is the main reason why we take care to ensure we deliver the best sulfur forms possible and reducing dust. Safety is the first priority: we put efforts to maximizing safety and avoid or minimize any possible negative impacts.