Zinc Oxide

At Berium Group, we take a leading role in the provision of high purity Zinc Oxide for clients in wide spread industries all over the world, including; Rubber, Chemicals, Ceramics, Agricultural, Glass, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Personal Care among Others.

Zinc Oxide is an inorganic compound in white powder form which is insoluble in water but readily dissolves in most acids such as hydrochloric acid. On commercial scale, Zinc oxide is mainly synthesized through three main industrial processes: indirect process (French process); direct process (American process) and the wet chemical process.

We may provide zinc concentrates as a raw material to the manufacturers  and off-take the zinc oxide.

Berium Group provides zinc oxide that meets precise specification and the rigorous niche requirements for all our industrial clients. By engagement with diverse top tier partners, we avail competitive offer a product that is meticulously sourced and delivered worldwide.


Vast majority of zinc oxide is used in the rubber industry. Zinc oxide is used together with stearic acid in vulcanization of rubber. Addition of ZnO to rubber increases efficiency in the production of high strength tyres. It enhances abrasion aging resistance for tyres and technical rubber. Berium Group has active presence along the value chain for rubber; specializing in the provision of primary and secondary feedstocks, including butadiene, used in the production of rubber.

By utilizing our leading industry insights together with end to end logistics and bespoke service, we bring comprehensive solution for rubber manufacturers through delivery of high purity and superior quality pure zinc oxide.

Ceramic and Glass Industry

By industrial application, the second most use of zinc oxide after the tyres technical rubbers is the ceramics and glass industries. Zinc oxide is a key raw material for the production of frits and glazes. Zinc oxide is highly suitable for the production of ceramics because it possess high heating capacity, high thermal conductivity and stability at elevated temperature and also a comparatively low coefficient of expansion.

Zinc Oxide is used as a stabilizer for cadmium sulphide and cadmium selenite during heat treatment which allows the glass to retail its yellow or red colour.

Food Industry

Zinc is a natural and essential trace element for humans and animals. As a necessary nutrient in human and animal food, zinc oxide is added to food products to provide a source for the nutrient.

Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Personal Care

Zinc oxide is a component in skin care and sun creams which is helpful in absorbing UV rays. The fine particles of zinc oxide has enhanced antibacterial action deodorizing properties; as such, it is added to oral care products, cotton fabrics and food packaging among others.

Animal Feed

Zinc oxide is a nutrient supplement that constitutes the main source of zinc in animal feed produced for consumption of cattle, poultry, sheep and other livestock. Lack of zinc leads to retarded growth, low fertility among other disorders

Other applications

Other important uses of zinc oxide include use in the plastics industry; as a feedstock for the production of organic zinc compounds for additives and lubricants. Zinc oxide is also used as a semiconductor for solar cells, ferrites and varistors; white pigment for paints; methane reforming and corrosion prevention in nuclear reactors among others.

Zinc Oxide Shipment and Delivery

At Berium Group, we are consistently focused on securing long term, stable supply of resources to safeguard continuity of our clients’ business operations. We bring reliable end to end supply solutions so that our clients focus on their core competencies of producing high quality end products.

We are able to undertake worldwide delivery of zinc oxide through our dedicated international shipping and logistics. Together with competitive terms, we provide all required the support and information for successful transit of zinc oxide including product specification, MSD technical reports, certification and documentations.

We are primarily concentrated to offering high purity zinc oxide to clients in France, Netherlands, Spain, German, Belgium, United Kingdom, Thailand, Italy, Canada, Poland, Indonesia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Denmark, Egypt and the rest of the world.

For supply or trade enquiry, contact us chemicals@beriumgroup.com to find out how we can help to deliver leading edge solutions that set new standards and benefits for all your needs. For better understanding of your needs, please remember to highlight full details for your gallium needs.