Our Crude Oil Supply Capacity

Our firm access to a host of requisite logistics assets and reliable financing put us in the fore front position to meet all diverse customers’ specific needs for crude oil across the world. We have sourcing capabilities in over 20 principal countries across the world. Our current overall crude oil sourcing and consistent supply capacity is in excess of 7 million metric tons per month.

Through our internal chartering capabilities, we have an important resource and valuable tool when it comes to finding the most competitive freight and shipping solutions. We can charter a wide range of very large crude oil carriers for optimum delivery solutions. We are also able to tailor financial support for our producer partners and clients for crude oil.

We specifically aim at cultivating continuity and long term business relationship with crude oil clients. As such our minimum contract quantity is consecutive monthly lots of 1 Million Metric Tons spread over a minimum contract period of one year with a possible option to roll over these contracts into longer periods of up to three or five years.