Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Helping to meet ever increasing energy demand for LNG across the world presents a clear opportunity for Berium Group. We are dedicated to playing a key role in the global LNG value chain.

Berium Liquified Natural Gas is focused on global trading and supply of bulk LNG. Through resourceful commercialization and marketing orientation, we consistently aim at strategic collaboration with diverse upstream LNG partners with the commitment of supporting our esteemed clients by securing long term, stable source of LNG and having this versatile commodity delivered to clients worldwide. These efforts are complemented by our integrated global logistics.

We have chartering capacity for medium size to very large gas carriers, for supply and delivery of liquefied natural gas worldwide. The VLGC have cargo capacity of 82,000 cubic meters but can carry up to 83,000 cubic meters. LNG is delivered by cryogenic tanks- heavily insulated pressure tankers.

Through our excellent market access and multi-origin sourcing from diverse countries coupled with risk management and integrated international logistics, Berium Group steadily aims to secure long term, reliable sources of both natural gas and natural liquefied gas and support clients from China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Hong Kong, India, Brazil, Belarus and the rest of the world with dependable service.