Hard Grade Bitumen

Oxidized/Blown Grade Bitumen– used for roofing applications, waterproofing, electrical products among others. We provide full range of oxidized bitumen products including: R75/25; R85/25; R85/40; 90/40; R115/15; R110/30

Cutback Grade Bitumen – It is used in spraying and some mixing applications. Cutback bitumen is dissolved in solvents such as naphtha, white spirit, kerosene or gasoline to reduce viscosity and enhance penetration through pavements. After penetration, the solvents will evaporate and efficiency of bitumen is retained.

Medium curing:

  • MC 30 Cutback Bitumen
  • MC 70 Cutback Bitumen
  • MC 250 Cutback Bitumen
  • MC 800 Cutback Bitumen
  • MC 3000 Cutback Bitumen and Rapid Curing
  • RC 30 Cutback Bitumen
  • RC 70 Cutback Bitumen
  • RC 250 Cutback Bitumen
  • RC 800 Cutback Bitumen
  • RC 3000 Cutback Bitumen)