Fuel Oil

Berium Group prides in its capabilities of securing long term sourcing and supply of varied grades of fuel oil for transportation as well as a key feedstock in petroleum refining, electrical utilities and the petrochemical industry worldwide.

Berium Group fuel oils segment is dedicated to supporting clients from Europe, Americas, Asia and the rest of the world with seamless fuel oil supply. Our fuel oil trading and supply activities cover all major geographical areas across six continents.

We offer optimum supply solution for high quality meeting the rigorous needs of clients in transportation, petrochemicals and petroleum refining industries together with other sectors that rely on optimization of fuel oil to achieve flexibility and balanced energy supply such as electric power generation and metallurgy.

Berium’s presence in the global crude oil and downstream physical derivatives provides the market intelligence necessary to capture key opportunities to the advantage of our clients. We engage in multi-sector strategic partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries. All these efforts are focused on reliably providing for our clients  which meets acceptable specifications and in the most economical sense possible.

We trade fuel oil on spot or term basis. As part of our overall business strategy, we are committed to long term growth. To safeguard fuel oil supply for clients on term contract, we blend our product offering with vital financial and risk management to ensure that our clients are able to get fuel oil supplied regularly in the most effective manner possible.

For sales activity please, contact our sales director to find out how we can help deliver innovative solutions that set new standards and benefits for your business: energy@beriumgroup.com .In your inquiry, include maximum tonnage, contract period, and destination port. Please remember to provide your full details to enable us process your valued request promptly.