Fertilizer Supplier

Berium Group contributes actively in increasing crop yield and ameliorating quality of farm produce by supplying plant nutrition products for the benefit of farmers. We major in various types of fertilizer supply such as nitrogen, phosphate,potassium based,NPK complex and specialty fertilizers globally.

We help to ensure that farmers have the nutrients they need to grow enough crops to meet the increasing global requirements for food, feed, fibre and energy. The nutrients supplied by the fertilizer industry supplement on-farm sources of nutrients such as manure and legumes.

Our portfolio of field grade mineral fertilizers includes Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, NPK complex fertilizers.

Our delivery is executed in bulk or container shipments. Containers are best suited for small and medium-sized delivery requirements. We deliver containerized fertilizer cargo of 50 kg, 500 kg or 1,000 kg in polypropylene and polyethylene bags for consignments starting from 5,000 metric tons or more.

We also offer competitive bulk fertilizers supply worldwide from 12,500 to 45,000 metric tons or more. This is facilitated by our fully dedicated shipping unit which ensures that we encompass cost effective delivery as part of our value proposition.Our overall annual resource and supply capacity is in excess of 2 million metric tonnes.

By combining flexible arrangements together with extensive logistical capabilities, we assure clients from around the world of optimum fertilizers supply competitively throughout the year.

Berium Group can deliver on spot basis or regular fertilizers supply as well as forward arrangements.