Complex Fertilizers Suppliers

Complex fertilizers are obtained by the nitric acid attack of phosphate rock. The resulted phosphate solution is neutralized by ammonia and then ammonium nitrate and muriate of potash (potassium chloride) are added depending on the desired type. The product is a free flowing prill which is treated with conditioning agents to prevent caking.

We offer strategic value proposition. By working closely with diverse manufacturer partners, we provide the major raw materials used in the production of NPK complex fertilizers and offer to off-take produced NPK fertilizers. We provide ammonia, phosphate and potash feedstocks necessary for industrial production of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. This way, we support our producer partners to maximize output. By utilizing this strategic cooperation with multiple producers, we are able to deliver NPK compound fertilizers efficiently all over the world at the most competitive prices throughout the year.

Berium Group supplies a wide range of NPK complex and specialty fertilizer products designed to meet the specific nutrition requirements of all crops and pastures. We offer a broad range of NPK fertilizers. Complex NPK fertilizers offer a number of advantages, economic savings being a key benefit: with just a single application, all required nutrients find their way into the soil and to the plant.

Berium’s NPK Complex fertilizer portfolio includes: