Nitrogen Based Fertilizers

Nitrogen is vital to plant growth and reproduction. The demands of commercial agriculture require higher levels of nitrogen than are normally found in native soils. This situation is often managed through the addition of nitrogen fertilizers. Nitrogen is taken up from the soil in the form of nitrates or ammonium. As the essential constituent of proteins, nitrogen is involved in all the major processes of plant development and yield formation.

The primary raw materials for industrial nitrogen production are the natural gas, but nitrogen can also be produced from fuel oil, coal and naphtha.

By working closely with multiple producers, we offer strategic benefit to clients: We supply to the producers the main raw materials used in production of nitrogenous fertilizers and off-take the manufactured nitrogen fertilizers. This helps in guaranteeing flexibility and optimum product availability throughout the year. Due to physical arbitrage, we are able to offer the most competitive prices and terms to clients.