We effectively supply urea fertilizers globally. Berium Group steadily takes a proactive role by offering end to end supply chain solution ; ensuring that urea fertilizer consignments are competitively delivered worldwide to the right place, in the right manner and at the right time, every time.

Urea is produced by the synthesis of Ammonia and Carbon dioxide under high pressure at elevated temperature. Urea is the most effective nitrogen fertilizer used universally, intended for application on all the major crops grown in almost all soil types. Optimum granulation and non caking features of urea enhances applicability and an optimal, balanced growth of the crops.

Berium Group offers optimized supply solution for prilled and granular urea fertilizers, providing our clients and partners with the required international standards and quality of the products while at the same time delivering exceptional service that is dependable and cost effective.

Through strategic cooperation with a large pool of producer partners, we combine our large scale international resource base of more than 1.1 million metric tonnes of urea fertilizers in annual supply capacity. We are in the best position to avail urea fertilizers reliably to global clients throughout the year. We serve both end users and seasoned trading counterparties including wholesale buyers and resellers worldwide.