Metals & Mineral Resources

We work closely with an extensive global network of partners to ensure that we readily deliver diversified portfolio of metals & mineral resources to worldwide clients at the right time, every time!

Our metals & mineral resources division primarily focuses to facilitate sustainable trade through a mixture of off-take agreements, joint ventures, forward, term and spot contracting among other strategic purchase and supply agreements with upstream, midstream and downstream partners and clients.

The vision for this Division is to become the best company in the world in moving raw metals & minerals from producers to refiners (smelters, fabricators) and moving refined metals from refiners to consumers or third party clients; while managing the associated market, credit and operational risks throughout the supply chain.

Our primary objective is currently directed to supporting mining partners and metals producers (ferrous and non ferrous) from Africa, South America and Australia to leverage our unique risk management, financing opportunities, integrated global logistics and expanded worldwide market access.

For consumers and third party clients of Metals in their varied forms (ores, concentrates, refined), from China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Europe, USA and the rest of the world, we present unique value proposition to help them succeed in their business goals. We provide the most efficient and cost effective worldwide supply solutions coupled with intelligent complementary services.

We have market access across diverse portfolio of ferrous and non ferrous metals. We are committed to help our partners and clients take full advantage of market opportunities available in different geographies. Berium Group aims to expand global logistics interface through which we assure all our partners and clients  reliable service.