Alumina And Aluminium

Base Metals And Concentrates

Our aluminium trading activities span the entire value chain. Through uniquely structured partnerships, we trade and supply bauxite, alumina and high quality refined aluminium ingots and wrought alloys.

Berium Group delivers bulk aluminium from the leading producer countries to refiners around the world. After aluminium oxide is processed into pure white powder alumina, we lift alumina and deliver it directly to the leading smelters worldwide where alumina undergoes further processing and refinement into pure metal. We similarly trade in and supply high quality refined  ingots and wrought alloys.

We provide alumina in a wide range of formulas to suit particular applications. Our strategy is to safeguard long term sourcing and supply of bulk alumina to smelters and purchase the manufactured aluminium metal to supply directly to clients worldwide.

We originate our alumina in its high purity and refined bauxite metal in its varied forms from Russia, Canada, Brazil, India and over 15 other countries. Our access to large inventories of bauxite raw materials and finished products on intercontinental basis means that we are able to meet diverse needs for our clients from all over the world, more competitively, efficiently and reliably.