Refined Aluminium

Through our presence and relationship with important upstream partners across the global value chain starting from the raw bauxite, alumina, all the way to refined aluminium, we can reliably and efficiently supply refined aluminium metal and a wide range of wrought alloys (rolled or extruded).

Berium supplies both heat- treatable and non-heat treatable wrought alloys. Heat treatable alloys are produced for the purpose of their strength and durability while non-heat treatable alloys are suitable because of their ductility, weldability and corrosion resistance.

Our range of refined aluminium products include:

• Standard Ingots
• T-ingots
• Foundry Alloy Ingots
• Extrusion Billets
• Rolling Slabs

We assure worldwide clients of long term and regular supply of alumina and aluminium metal with flexible terms of delivery. Whether the demand for aluminium in its varied forms is in Europe, Asia and Oceania, America, Middle East and North Africa or Sub-Saharan Africa, Berium Group has extended market access and unique tools necessary to deliver all your requirements.