Copper Cathodes


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We engage in global trading and supply of copper cathodes directly to fabricators and manufacturers of copper components around the world who transform the cathodes into important copper products used daily by consumers worldwide.

Berium Group offers extensive market access and unique value addition by risk management, financing copper commodity flows, and integrated global logistics. We offer worldwide supply of copper cathodes grade A with 99.99% purity free from all foreign materials such as copper sulfate, dirt, grease and oil. These products are offered on spot or term basis. Berium’s advantage is in its ability to secure long term sources. We guarantee our clients from all over the world, maximized continuity in supply of reasonably priced copper cathodes.

For packaging and shipment, bundles of copper cathode sheets are held together by steel strapping. We deliver copper cathodes in bulk or containerized shipments on FOB or CIF basis to any safe port worldwide.