Base Metals And Concentrates

Berium Group Provides Global Resources, Support And Results.

Global demand for lead is driven by, among others, the production of lead-acid batteries which account for about 80% of annual consumption worldwide. A strong global auto industry influences positive demand globally.

Berium Group facilitates strategic origination, physical trading and supply of bulk concentrate and refined metal. The concentrate is used in the production of  metal and related alloys.

We ship concentrates containing about 50% – 60% lead directly to smelters worldwide in bulk from diverse sources across the world.

We provide concentrate from different countries including Australia, Russia, Peru and Mexico among others. Our diversified concentrate offering in terms of quality and sourcing locations provides higher flexibility necessary to optimize favorable pricing opportunities across the global market at different times throughout the year.

For supply partnership, general trade enquiry or sales activity for concentrates or refined lead metal, please contact us: metals@beriumgroup.com or fill out the form here. Please remember to give your full details and requirements to enable us respond to your enquiry accordingly.