Base Metals And Concentrates

Most of world production (about 46%) is used in nickel-steel alloys (particularly stainless steel). 34% is used in nonferrous alloys and high-performance alloy; 14 per cent is used in electroplating and the rest is used in other different applications including as a component in rechargeable batteries.Canada, Russia, the Philippines, Australia and Indonesia are some of the largest nickel producing countries.

Berium Group plays an important role in global supply chain: we provide the necessary liquidity, financial and risk management for our producer partners and clients. We have complementary global logistics interface that helps in facilitating smooth transition of the raw, intermediate and refined nickel from source to destination. Through this unique value proposition, we utilize our position to purchase all different forms, that is, ores, concentrates and refined products and supply to clients. As a global trading entity, Berium Group brings resources within the reach of clients.