Base Metals And Concentrates

Tin is relatively soft and ductile with crystalline silvery-white colour. It is mostly used in industrial application in combination with other elements as a protective coating or as an alloy with other metals such as zinc, copper or lead. It is combined with copper to yield bronze and with lead to form solder.

It is used in major commercial applications including bearing alloys; solder alloys for joining pipes or electrical and electronic circuits and corrosion-resistant tinplating of steel among other different chemical applications.

Berium Group focuses on global physical trading; financing, shipping and supply of concentrate and refined tin ingots. We originate tin from Indonesia, Peru, Malaysia, Bolivia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Vietnam among others.

We provide raw materials for production including limestone, silica and carbon (in the form of fuel oil or coal) and mining chemicals directly to the mining clients for processing and concentrating cassiterite (SnO2) ores. Through this cooperation with diverse producer partners, we consistently aim to secure reliable supply of concentrated tin for direct delivery to smelting and refining clients.

By working closely with upstream, smelting and refining partners across the tin value chain, Berium is able to provide clients with high purity refined ingots in varying grades from 99.80% Sn to 99% Sn. Contact us for further details : metals@beriumgroup.com