Base Metals And Concentrates

Our approach for supply of zinc entails multi-origin sourcing, financing, shipping and direct exportation of concentrates to smelters across the world and to purchase refined zinc metal for direct delivery to the end users worldwide.

Our zinc metal in its varied forms principally originates from Australia, Canada, India, Bolivia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Peru among 14 other countries. To add value in the supply chain, Berium Group can help clients and partners by arranging for financing to facilitate seamless product flows. We utilize our integrated global logistics system to offer complete supply solution from one end to the other end.

Berium specializes in physical trading and supply of bulk concentrates and full range of refined grades. We originate concentrates from over 20 different countries. Typically, our concentrate contains about 45% – 60% of zinc with sulphur, lead and iron. Berium primarily focuses on securing long term supply of  concentrate for clients from Europe: German, Spain, Netherlands, France, Finland, and Belgium; Asia: Japan, Taiwan and South Korea among others. We avail premium quality concentrate in bulk at competitive prices.

We also engage in trading and supply of refined ingots in varied grades, including: Special High Grade (SHG) 99.995% Zn; High Grade (HG) 99.95% and Good Ordinary Grade 98.5% Zn. We offer refined zinc for diverse clients in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the rest of the world.