More about Zinc


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Zinc is the forth most used metal after iron, aluminium and copper. Zinc is extracted by electrolytic and pyrometallurgical methods. In both methods, zinc sulphide ore is crushed and ground to a fine slurry to enable optimal separation from the other minerals. The sphalerite is isolated from the other minerals by froth floatation to produce a zinc concentrate containing between 45% – 62% Zn. Zinc concentration is mostly done at the mine site to keep transport costs to smelters as low as possible.

Zinc is used majorly for galvanizing steel as anti-corrosion agent and as an alloying ingredient when combined with copper to form brass. Other than copper, other metals like aluminium, nickel, cobalt, tin, silver and lead are similarly combined with zinc to form binary alloys. Zinc is also used in electrical and automotive components among other applications.