Ferro Alloys

Berium Group is a global supplier of ferro alloys and pig iron as one of the major raw materials used in the manufacture of steel and iron. We offer excellent ferroalloys as deoxidizing, desulfurizing and reinforcing ingredients required to produce highest quality steel products.

Ferroalloys are added to liquid steel during the manufacturing process to achieve specific chemical composition and desired qualities such as corrosion resistance, heat resistance, yield resistance, tensile resistance among other distinctive properties.

Berium is engaged in trading and supply of both bulk ferroalloys and noble alloys worldwide. Our trading activities are fully backed by advanced network of stable and reliable international producer partners coupled with integrated global logistics capabilities and highest level of service. We maintain our independence throughout the supply chain; as such we are able to meet and match specific requirements for ferroalloy clients in terms of quality, delivery, price and financial terms.

Through structured trades and close working relationship with our diverse producer partners from around the world, including, Kazakhstan, India, China, Ukraine, Norway and South Africa among others, we provide our customers for ferroalloys competitive advantage.

Our customers for ferro alloys include integrated smelting works, foundries, electric-furnace steelworks and producers of specialized products.