Aluminium Ore/ Bauxite

The main varieties of bauxite include: Metallurgical grade bauxite; Refractory grade bauxite; Abrasive grade bauxite; and Chemical grade bauxite. Berium Group is consistently specialized in global trading and supply of high quality Metallurgical grade bauxite.

Berium Group has global access to stable sources for bauxite. We source bauxite(aluminium ore) from Guinea, Brazil, and Australia among other 15 top bauxite producing countries. We conscientiously aim to secure long term, stable supply partnership with clients for delivery of bulk bauxite worldwide. We are especially focused on global supply of beneficiated bauxite.

Beneficiated bauxite is screened after undergoing mechanical crushing and blended to achieve desirable grade. Required inspection, systemic sampling and confirmation are carried out prior to shipment of each consignment.

Our chief objective and commitment is to establish viable relationship with our clients, to act as their outsourcing partners. We are steadfast to support clients for iron ore from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and German among other countries in Europe.

Through our active presence and participation in worldwide aluminium value chain, we are focused to becoming a top tier trader and supplier of bauxite, high purity alumina and refined aluminium metal on global scale.