Iron Ore

Berium Group comprehensively provides bulk iron ore and other main feedstocks required for steel production on global basis. We aim to become the leading company in terms of consistency and flexibility.

We work closely with our producer partners to bring iron ore to the global market and we are dedicated to share directly with end users or other third party partners the benefits associated with consistency, efficiency and cost effectiveness: our offer is priced off the main price indices.

We have reliable long term access and can assure steadfast supply of 64.5% Fe Base, 62% Fe Base, 58.3% Fe Base and 58.0 % Fe Base grades of iron ore. However the Fe% of every shipment may vary. If the ore shipped is at a higher or lower percentage than the Fe % Contracted Base, then the price paid for the shipment will escalate or reduce in accordance to the percentage of Fe in the ore that is actually supplied.