Manganese Ore

We endeavor to advance long term supply partnerships and global logistics through which we hope to support our esteemed clients across the world with pure manganese ore which meets the required international quality and standards.

We offer worldwide clients pure bulk manganese ore in lumps and grains at very reasonable rates. Manganese ore offered by Berium Group has balanced chemical composition, free from impurities and readily useable.

Berium strategically sources manganese ore from Ukraine, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Africa (Gabon, Ghana and South Africa) among others. Due to severality of our source markets, we assure worldwide clients of continuous supply and firm product availability coupled with flexibility in our delivery of a broad spectrum of manganese ores.

We offer varied manganese ore grades suitable for the production of steel, aluminium alloys, copper alloys and other metallurgical uses and general industrial applications. Practically majority of manganese (approximately 90%) is used in steel production.

Crude steel produced from alloying of iron and carbon contains an undesirable amount of Oxygen and Sulphur. Manganese helps to de-oxide crude steel. Manganese also combines with sulphur thereby improving the workability of steel at elevated temperatures, because it forms a high melting sulfide and therefore prevents the formation of a liquid iron sulfide.