Cobalt is one of the three naturally occurring magnetic metals in addition to iron and nickel. It has the highest curie point of all metals at 1,121 oC (the temperature above which a ferromagnetic material loses its ferromagnetism).

The main source accounting for approximately 85% of annual production globally, is as a by product of nickel mining (about 48%) and copper mining (about 37%). Some 15%  is produced primarily from various metallic-lustered ores, for example cobaltite, erythrite and skutterudite.It is predominantly used in the preparation of magnetic, corrosion and wear-resistant high performance alloys.

A vast majority  is used in the production of superalloys. Due to high strength and temperature stability of specialty alloys, they are suitable for use in jet aircraft engines and turbine blades for gas turbines. For application in jewelry, it is alloyed with 95% platinum. In the medical sector, cobalt along with titanium is used for orthopedic implants due to its corrosion and wear resistance. The compounds are useful in various industrial applications including paints, ceramics, glass, varnishes and inks among others.

Other important uses are in production of batteries (lithium cobalt oxide is commonly in lithium ion battery cathodes) and as oxidation catalysts in various chemical processes.

Through our strategic global cooperation and presence along the value chain of both copper and nickel, Berium Group aims to secure long term supply of cobalt for clients in diverse industries including alloys, battery manufacturers, manufacturers of cobalt acetate and other cobalt compounds used as catalysts in chemical reactions, radioisotopes and electroplating among others

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