Berium Group is a global supplier of highest quality gallium for the electronics and allied industries

Gallium does not occur in free form in nature. Approximately 90% of all primary produced form is currently extracted from bauxite during the refining of alumina, a precursor to aluminium. A small portion of it is produced as a by-product of zinc extraction during refining of sphalerite ores.

Gallium is majorly used in the electronics industry with over 70% of the overall global production being consumed by semiconductor applications.

Rapid increase in demand for gallium is caused by use of high brightness LEDs in cell phones and flat screen display. In addition, the global move towards cleaner, sustainable energy has also led to support for the use of LED lighting over incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Gallium arsenide compound is used in microwave circuits and infrared circuits. The galistan alloy is a room temperature liquid, increasingly used in medical field.

Several other applications include solar energy, magnetic material, chemical catalyst and specialty alloys among others.

We have developed reliable sourcing channels, logistics and financing for wide range of purities  from Ukraine, China and Kazakhstan among others. We offer comprehensive end to end supply solution. Berium Group is steadily positioned to help clients from Japan, South Korea, Europe, America, India, Malaysia and the rest of the world achieve greater levels of continuity and highest level of customer service.

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