Indium is a very soft metal that can easily be cut with a knife. It is malleable, easily meltable and highly ductile. Indium is a relatively rare metal in terms of crustal abundance, although it’s about three times more abundant than silver. Indium occurs mostly in the form of its compounds.

Indium is primarily produced as a by product of processing and refining other metals including, mainly zinc ore and also found in tin, copper and tin ores and residues.

The global demand for indium is currently driven by the production of transparent electrodes from indium tin oxide, used in LCDs and LEDs. Some indium compounds such as indium nitride and indium phosphide are semi conductors.

Other important uses of indium include:

  • In photovoltaics for production of copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells
  • As a substitute for mercury in alkaline batteries
  • In the production of low-melt alloys, mostly, galistan
  • As a lubricant on bearings among others

Berium Group supplies indium and allied indium compounds worldwide. The predominant compounds traded and supplied by Berium include:

  • Indium Tin Oxide
  • Indium Oxide
  • Indium Hydroxide
  • Indium Trichloride
  • Indium Sulfate
  • Indium Acetate
  • Indium Sulfide
  • Indium Salts

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