Steel Supply

Using integrated global logistics and in-depth insight in financial & risk management and physical arbitrage, we serve steel buyers worldwide by supplying extensive range of steel products efficiently and cost effectively.

In 2014, the world crude steel production reached an estimated 1,662 million tonnes (mt) and majority of this production was dominated by China (823 mt); followed by Japan (above 111 mt); United States (88 mt) and India (86 mt). Global steel supply is significantly influenced by infrastructure developments, automotive sector, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, oil and gas, domestic appliances and allied sectors.

Berium Group Steel Division offers integrated end to end supply solution for steel manufacturers and steel buyers. We provide the steel producers with a full spectrum of raw materials including the iron ore, a wide range of complementary metal ores, ferroalloys and metallurgical coal. This premier independent partnership with diverse steel processors mainly from Japan, China, Korea, Ukraine and India among others, allows Berium to selectively source, purchase and competitively deliver exact customers’ requirements for steel worldwide.

At Berium Steel, we have the requisite resources and capacity to respond rapidly to diverse clients’ needs and also effectively managing the integral risks in trading and supply of different forms of steel products to clients worldwide. We offer our clients for steel from all over the world superior definitive advantage in their business through flexibility and scalability. By contracting Berium Group as the supplier of your steel needs, you can focus on your core competencies; reduce costs and increase productivity and profitability.

Berium utilizes a comprehensive logistics interface: purchasing highest quality steel which is priced most competitively; transporting it to the port of loading; loading; ocean freight; unloading;breaking bulk; inland shipping and getting it delivered smoothly to end users, fabricators, distributors, service centers and stockists in Europe, North America, Central and South America, Asia Pacific, Oceania, the Middle East region, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Through our internal shipping operations, we complete an important part of the supply chain: seamless end to end delivery of steel products to the clients worldwide. As part of our value proposition, we are able to arrange for financing of the entire operations beginning from our partner steel mills up to the clients’ point of discharge. We efficiently move the steel commodities to the right customers’ locations in the right time, every time.

We trade in extensive steel products offering optimal supply for a wide range of semi-finished steel; flat steel; long steel; steel tubes and pipes and stainless steel commodities globally.