Semi Finished

Berium Group semi finished steel commodities portfolio includes Steel Slabs, Steel Billets and Steel Blooms.

Steel Slabs

Steel slabs are primarily used for the manufacture of all flat steel products such as steel coils, plates, strips and other flat rolled products.

By working closely with leading steel producer partners, Berium Group steel division offers sustainable and long term supply of steel slabs which we intend to deliver to still mills in Africa, South America, South East Asia, Middle East and all over the world for further processing into successive steel products.

Steel Billets

Steel Billets are used for the manufacture of all long steel products such as pipes, rods, bars, wire products and tubes. Berium Group steel division has access to the requisite resources, integrated global logistics and large inventories for steel billets from its partners and through this proprietary capacity, we consistently offer to support worldwide clients with the most competitively priced steel billets.

Our primary focus for steel billets is to support clients in Serbia, Ukraine, Greece, Italy and other countries in Europe; the Middle East, including, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain; Canada, US, Mexico, Libya, Algeria, Australia, Vietnam and the rest of the world with optimized supply solution that their businesses can depend on.

Steel Blooms

Steel Blooms are used mainly in the production of long steel products such as structural shapes, building beams, structural profiles, rails and columns. Berium is able to source steel blooms that meet diverse client’s needs.